The Thinning Grey Line


The Thinning Grey Line looks at the climbing number of Gen X alums who are no longer with us. What, outside of the dramatic increase of diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, alcoholism, and opioids are causing this rocketing issue?

In the age of Social Media and instant information, with AI surging, who will be left behind to prevent the adults of tomorrow from being led into mental slaughter? This generation obsessed with getting likes, shares, and accolades is doomed to fall at the whims and clicks of others.

Read more:

Diary of a Bald Man

“Stop checking your likes,” and more by Susie Moore

Thanks to Techsmith/ Camtasia for the amazing music and sound bytes:

Thanks to the fantastic audio magic from Keith Kramer:

The ability to record and produce this podcast is due to the tremendous talent behind Audacity: — Send in a voice message:


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