I never met a stranger, until I met me.


You did not know this until today, but former Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Hillary Clinton, the inventor Nicola Tesla, Elon Musk,  the actress Jodie Foster, and many others – plus me, all have one thing in common. We are INTJs.

From the villages of the Philippines in 1974 and throughout my time on Guam from 1978 through 1985, I never met a stranger, just someone I was getting ready to know through shared likes, cultural awareness, and a cup of coffee.

The oddest realization did not come to me until I had boots on the ground in Tennessee. The only person in the room I did not know was myself. And I am still learning about myself to this day.

In this episode, learn what it takes to realize yourself and become more enlightened from it.

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INTJ Personality


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