Pay it Forward


The Great Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

When we pay it forward, are we doing so by presenting and providing in a positive and uplifting manner? Or are our actions inspired by guilt and personal greed?

As individuals, we can live in the reflections of others, or we can be a vision that inspires and produces greatness in those who see us. Don’t be like the herd of sheep on the farm, where collectively you live to comfort and warm others in the future. Be a horse that gets someone from one location to another, and when the time comes to shed that mortal coil, they turn you into the glue that keeps everything together.

In this episode, you will learn that you will do and create amazing things by starting positively. And starting negative will only have the ability to reflect on your failures.

This episode is dedicated to the fantastic listeners in Chicago and California that took Diary of a Bald Man to a new and fantastic level this week!

Thanks to the fantastic audio magic from Keith Krammer -

The ability to record and produce this podcast is due to the tremendous talent behind Audacity –

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