Then and Now – From Fat and Fabulous to Bald and Beautiful


In this episode, you will discover the secret of me going from fat and fabulous to bald and beautiful. I shit thee nay, I was killing myself in a manner that was more dangerous than I could have dreamt of and it was a cocktail of stress, food, and the best sweet tea ever made.

I only thought that sitting on the beach ready to fire a round through the back of my throat indicated a need to change, but having someone read a chart that ended my story in a specific timeline put my life and goals into orbit.

If I can go from three hundred and thirty pounds of assured destruction to two hundred pounds of beauty and grace, then your fat ass can.

Or you can keep pulling that trigger – at least one more time.

Thanks to the fantastic audio magic from Keith Krammer -

The ability to record and produce this podcast is due to the tremendous talent behind Audacity –

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