1999 Rally in the Valley


In 1999, I was in Spokane, Washington.

When I was not stuffing my face with Tony Roma ribs, Outback Steaks, Mongolian stir fry, and 83 gallons of coffee, I was the project Site Commander for the IMAC Tactical Security Group during a labor dispute/ strike at the Kaiser Aluminum – Trentwood facility in the valley.

In this year, I drove hundreds of miles a month, took over 1700 photographs, 11 hours of video, and swept 7 conference centers and break-out rooms for electronic devices. When I was not actively engaged with monitoring static posts during the day, I was out at night surveilling for potentially threatening individuals around our clients’ homes.

If you were not born yet, then you missed some crazy times. The Family Guy, The Matrix, The Sopranos were all released in ’99 along with Eminem’s album Slim Shady. Representative Nancy Mace – was the first female to graduate from the military academy, the Citadel, and President Clinton was put through an impeachment trial. But, the big ticket event was people losing their shit over computers crashing on New Year’s.

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