Shots Fired – and I am Amazed


We often wonder if the messages we send, are getting to the ears that need it, and it appears that it is occurring. From here in the United States, through Europe, Latin America, and parts of the Pacific, people are listening, and engaging – what the hell were they thinking tuning into this show?

This show was not intended to be part of the weekly podcast but because of the tremendous engagement after releasing “Get out of their box,” I had to record it to say thank you for listening, and the amazing support.

This episode is  dedicated to Betty Stout and JR.

“To be able to listen — really, wholly passively, self-effacingly listen — without presupposing, classifying, improving, controverting, evaluating,

approving or disapproving, without dueling with what is being said, without rehearsing the rebuttal in advance, without free-associating to portions of what is being said so that succeeding portions are not heard at all — such listening is rare.”

― Abraham Maslow

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