How HR changed the sound of safety.


When I started to work on this episode, I knew it would be different for quite a few reasons. With JR working remotely with family in Washington state, I used AI-generated voices for the intro and outro, and it sucked!

I was then fortunate enough to find the legendary Keith Krammer on Fiverr. With the assistance of a radio talk show professional and audio engineer, I changed the face of the show – forever/

So with this new approach and insight, I discuss two significant turns to the MICM program. I recently added the Two Vets podcast to interview military and first responder veterans who risked for total strangers and family every day and how their service changed their lives.

And I discussed an app introduced by HR professionals, which has saved over 500 lives in east Tennessee and southwest North Carolina because it communicated safety in a whole new way for those listening.

The future of this podcast series is going to be epic.

To hear the talent of Keith Krammer, click on the link below.

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