How to be famous by 55


What do Colonel Harlan Sanders, Julia Childs, Duncan Hines, Ray Kroc, and I have in common? We would all have wait until we were after 50 to become famous.

I just turned 54 on the 14th and found out three things.

The first is that I did not win the lottery. Not a damn penny

The second is that after getting my tattoo on Saturday at Crater City Ink that was mentioned in the intro, that if I was going to be gay for someone, then I would be Josh’s boo … I mean a fellow army medic and veteran, who took on being a fire fighter and paramedic as a civilian, and gets to draw tramp stamps on truck drivers and others? What the hell is not to love?

He and his wife Lori are an incredible team, and Ronda and I love the hell out of them.

And the third thing, that made me realize I was bound to be famous – was acknowledging that I am a salesman.

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