1995 – Detroit Rock City


If 1990 was the bitch in my life, then 1995 was the start of the ball!

Bill Clinton was president, the devastation Oklahoma City bombing occurred, OJ Simpson was not found guilty of murder, Mike Tyson was released from prison. Windows ’95, eBay, and PlayStation made their appearance after the Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russian Mir space station, and Operation Desert Storm officially ended.

While so many things were ending or changing, I was physically reintroduced to the world through the beginning of the Detroit News and Free Press strike in Detroit, Michigan.

1995 was the kick in the ass to move me from low, civilian drag to ball and leg busting tactical high speed at the speed of darkness. It was the start of a hellacious five-year ride in the world filled with labor unrest and wild west-like strikes.

Detroit Free Press Strike ; 

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